cushions with personality that tell a story.

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What you’ll need:

  • Thread: SY IKEA 100% polyester; Gütermann 100% polyester; crochet thread nº12.
  • Size: 30cm. x 50cm. approximately.
  • Fabric for the cushion cover: Loneta or cotton fabric.
  • Zipper: 40cm approximately.
  • Felt for letters and silhouettes: brown (several shades), white, black and blue (Obi Wan Kenobi); skin colour, black and white (ballerina).
  • Fabric for ballerina’s dress: SUNRID meter fabric IKEA.
  • Sewing machine.
  • Ribbon or grosgrain ribbon.
  • Paper for the templates, pencil or pen and scissors.

How to make your cushions with zipper

We’ve added a couple of ideas to the named cushions. They have been truly a great success as a birthday gift.

We have customised these cushions with some silhouettes, very different one from the other, and we have added zippers to them so we can take the covers off.

The steps to follow are very similar to the ones for the named cushions:

  • Step 1 Choose the font you want for the name, print it out to use it as a template and use it to cut out the letters from the felt pieces you are using.
  • Step 2:  Find out what it is that the person you’ll give the cushion to loves: our friend Ramón is a huge fan of Obi Wan Kenobi and our friend Cris has been a ballerina during a big and beautiful part of her life, so what could be better than this cushion for a great memory of those years.
  • Step 3: Cut out the shapes out of felt depending on what you’ve decided on the previous step. Be patient, sometimes it can be a bit tedious.

Ramón’s cushion: Obi Wan Kenobi

The cutting out and sewing has taken us a bit of time, but the result has totally paid off.

We have divided the drawing in several parts (cape, top, legs, head, hair + beard and lightsaber) and we’ve cut them out separately. Then, we’ve put them together using a tacking stitch. After that, we’ve sewn them using the sewing machine and thread the same colour as the felt. When the pieces are joined together we’ve used a backstitch to resemble sleeves, crests, etc. as you can see in Diagram 1 represented by dashed lines.


Diagram 1. Obi Wan K.

Cris’ cushion: Ballerina

To do the ballerina we’ve cut out the body as one piece and then overlapped the top, the hair and the shoes. For the skirt, we’ve overlapped two pieces of the tulle fabric, to give it more fullness. Then, we’ve sewn them to her waist. Once that’s done we use the ribbon or grosgrain ribbon to sew it as a belt. That way our ballerina comes alive and we hide the seam that we made when we joined the skirt.

After all is sewn we’ve used the crochet thread to make some decorations that resemble the shoelaces and the hair band. We’ve done this by hand; you can get creative and do this the way you like best. To make it more vivid we’ve used some felt circles of the same shades that we’ve placed on the bottom left of the cushion. This makes the whole cushion a lot nicer.

Diagram 2. Ballerina

  • Step 4: Secure your completed character with pins to the cushion cover and use your sewing machine to sew them together. In the case of the ballerina sew the circles too. Remember you can always play with the thread colour and type of stitch. If the pieces are small, like Obi Wan’s hair or the ballerina shoes, sew them directly to the cushion instead, that way there will only be one seam and it’ll look so much better.
    Remember to iron the fabric, always from the inside, so it doesn’t get wrinkly and to avoid weird shapes.
  • Step 5:   Place the zipper. If you’ve never done it before it might seem complicated but, don’t worry, you’ll see it’s easy peasy. The first thing you have to do is to change the presser foot to the zipper foot. It should be similar to the one in the picture. Begin by folding the edges of the material you are going to sew the zipper onto, you don’t need to sew them, but it’ll be really helpful if you iron them. Sew, on the backside of the fabric, a few centimetres at the beginning and end of one of the sides, leaving a whole the same length of the zipper, as you can see in Diagram 3. Open the two pieces of material and place zipper underneath so it’s seen through the whole and sew, on the front of the fabric, all around it in a rectangular shape, just the way you see it on Diagram 4. Remember the seams are represented by dashed lines.

Zipper foot


Diagrama 3

Diagram 4

  • Step 6: Sew the other three sides of the cushion cover, on the backside of the material, to close it, but hey! don’t forget to leave the zipper a little bit open, otherwise you’ll have it difficult trying to turn the cushion around. Use a zigzag stitch on the sides of the cushion so they don’t fray.
  • Step 7 Your cushion is ready, so wrap it up and give it to your friend! But if you did a really good job, you might wanna keep it!


  • Keep the templates for the future, that way you won’t have to redo them.
  • You can draw the letters yourself or download your favourite font. You can find tons in this website