countometer 4000, our counter


Keeping count is simple, until we loose count and have to start again. Countometer 4000 is counting made easy. This easy to use app lets you keep multiple counts on the go, while also being able to take notes and add pictures to your counts to help track your projects. Though simple, our app is feature rich and friendly to use with a range of themes to suit your mood.

Keep count while also having the security of knowing that you can back up and restore your counts at any time. Loose track? You can restore the count to where you last left off and just like the animals, who came marching two by two, you are not limited to counting one at a time. Adjust the increment to fit the way you work.

Count forwards, count backwards, adjust your total. Countometer 4000 gives you the confidence you need to get the results you are looking for.

Countometer 4000 is Como Una Piña's counter. It has been created by us to suit our needs and we hope it can also suit yours!

How Countometer 4000 works

Always ready to count

Hitting the New button (Fig. 1) you will create a count (Fig. 2). Every time you do, this count will be the active one (Fig. 3).

Countometer 4000 will always take effect on the active count, but if there is none (Fig. 4), don't worry, when you hit Add, change the name of the count, total or increment value or add a note Countometer 4000 will create a new count with that value.

Save and restore your counts

You can save your counts from the main menu using the Back Up menu (Fig. 5). Once that's done you'll see a message on the screen indicating if your back up has been successful (Fig. 6). Countometer 4000 will create a file with .cin extension inside the Countometer4000/Backups folder. This file will contain your counts and text notes, but not your pictures.

To open a backup you have saved, use the option Open (Fig. 7) from the main menu and choose the .cin file you want to open. If you have created counts, Countometer 4000 will remind you that your current data will be lost after you've opened or restored a file (Fig. 8), so don't forget to back up your counts before opening a file or you will lose your current data!

Your pictures will appear as long as they are inside the Countometer4000/Images folder. If you haven't deleted them from your device they will always be there! If you have deleted them you will have to insert them again.

Select, delete and sort your counts

If you long click one of your counts you will enter into multiselection mode. In this mode you will be able to select one or more of your counts. You can select a count by clicking it. You deselect counts the same way, by clicking them. On the top bar menu you can use the bin icon to delete the selected counts or the tick icon to select them all at once.

From the hamburger menu you can access to the sort options. You can sort your counts alphabetically from A to Z, by creation date and by date modified.

After you have chosen one of these options, the counts will be deselected (you will see '0 selected' on the top bar) but you will still be in multiselection mode. You can keep selecting your counts and deleting them for as long as you want and and when you are happy with them you can leave multiselection mode by clicking the arrow located on the top left of the screen.

Reset vs. Zero

When you use Zero the value of your count gets zeroed, but when you use Reset the value of your count is the value that the count had the last time you started counting.

For example, you select a count, its value is 4, you start counting or decreasing. If you use Zero the value of the count will be 0. If you use Reset, the value of your count will be 4.



This is a feature that we felt was missing from the other counters. We love to create things and the things we make can get complex or have a change of direction. Notes allows us to keep track of our progress and our thoughts. Picture notes are great. They can give detail of what we are making or the beautiful day outside. Think of it as a blog for your counts, a place to think, a place to dream, a place to remember.

To add a text note use the 'Add Note' button and you'll be prompted with the 'Add Note' screen and the keyboard that you can see in Fig. 12. You can add your text and then click 'Save' to keep it or 'Cancel' to get rid of it.

If you want to add an image note use the 'Add image' button and then select 'insert image' if you want to choose an image from your gallery or 'take a picture' if you want to use the camera to capture your image.

Take your notes to the next level

You can add simple mark up to your notes. Simply wrap the words you would like to style in the symbols below.

For example: &s This text will be bold &s but &R This text will be red &R.

Next time you are making a note, try it out!

  • &s: bold
  • &i: italic
  • &u: underline
  • &1: heading
  • &R: red
  • &B: blue
  • &G: green
  • &.: smaller text
  • &^: super index
  • &,: sub index

Fig. 14. Markup applied to text notes


Countometer 4000 brings you a set of options that will make your counting experience a little easier. From the hamburger menu select 'Settings' (Fig. 15) and you will be prompted with the Settings screen you can see in Fig. 16.

  • Alarm at zero: there's not only one way to count, who says you have to count forward? If you have chosen to count backwards insert your value in the 'Edit' screen and then use the 'Minus' button to decrease from that value. If you activate the 'Alarm at zero?' option you will hear an alarm when you've reached zero.
  • Note at increment: if you want to keep track every time you change the increment value, then this is your setting. Activate the 'Note at Increment?' and a note will automatically be added to your notes list every time you change your increment.
  • confirm when Zero / confirm when Reset: have you ever hit the Zero/Reset button by mistake and hated the world? Don't let it happen twice! Activate the 'Confirm when Zero?'/'Confirm when Reset?' setting and you will be asked if you really meant to press the Zero or Reset button. 

Cool Themes

You have a range of cool handcrafted themes to choose from. Apply the theme that suits your mood and get counting!

To access the free themes or the ones you already own go to 'Settings' (Fig. 15) and scroll down to 'My Themes' (Fig. 17). You'll see all the themes you can apply to your counter. Just choose the one you like best and tap on it. It will get applied instantly and you will be back to your Counter screen.

To access the theme shop go to 'Settings' (Fig. 15) and tap over the text below the 'Store' (Fig. 18) heading. Next, tap on 'Theme Shop' and have a look at all the themes. You will see the ones you own (you can just tap and apply them) and the ones that are available for purchase (you will be prompted with the 'buy' screen when you tap).