present your fruit for halloween with a PUKING EVIL MELON. 

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Ingredients for your puking evil melon:

  • 1 small melon (we've chosen cantaloupe).
  • 100g blueberries.
  • 100g raspberries.
  • 100g green seedless grapes.
  • 100g red seedless grapes.

What you'll need to make your evil puking melon:

  • Set of carving tools.
  • Marker.
  • Paper.
  • Big serving tray.

How to prepare your melon.

Get your carving tools ready! This year you might not only be carving a pumpkin! 

To carve shapes into a fruit, first we have to have a clear idea of what we want to do and take into account the space we have to work with. Once the idea of the design is clear, in our case, an evil face, we'll transfer it onto the melon's surface.

There are different ways you can transfer your drawing onto the melon, and you can apply this to basically any fruit you want to carve. If you're good at drawing you can draw the melon's face directly with your marker. If you want to transfer a drawing from a piece of paper, the best way to do it is to position the paper covering the melon and poke dots following the lines till you can see your drawing onto the melon's surface.

Once you have your shapes drawn use the serrated tool to cut the shapes off. You don't need to carve all the inside to make it hallow, you just need the mouth to be a bit deep and that'll do. That way you can fit some fruit inside. 

How to assemble your puking evil melon

Place the carved melon onto the tray. Pour the blueberries, raspberries and grapes in front of the melon and arrange them so it looks like they're coming out of the melon's mouth. If you put some fruit inside of the melon's mouth it'll look even better.

And just like that you have presented your fruit on a tray but with a very Halloweeny touch! Enjoy your melon's puke!