be hannibal for a day. eat a peeled skin human head

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Ingredients used for the Serrano ham skull:

  • 200g serrano ham.
  • 2 raspberries.
  • 2 blueberries.

What you'll need to assemble your Spanish ham skull:

  • Plastic skull.
  • Cling film.


    How to assemble your peeled off effect human head

    If you want to horrify your guests and feed them at the same time here's the perfect way to present your ham. With this Serrano ham skull they'll not only be totally grossed out but they'll have a taste of one of the most famous Spanish meats.

    To assemble your Serrano ham skull clean your plastic skull very well. Cover it with cling film making sure you follow the shapes and that it's not very tight. Poke the part that covers the eyes and nose, it'll be easier to work with later.

    With a bit of patience position the ham slice by slice and start covering the skull. Avoid the nose and eyes area. To achieve a good peel off effect it's better if the skull is fully covered. You can apply as many layers of ham as you wish, take into account that the more ham the more guests you can feed!

    Once you are happy with the amount of ham, assemble the eyes. To do so, take one of the raspberries, cut a tiny bit of the top part so it's easier to fit in a blueberry. Carefully push the blueberry in. Put the two things together into the eye hole of the skull. Repeat the same process for the other eye.

    And just like that you got the perfect Halloween way to present your Serrano ham! Enjoy it!... Or not!