"La piña is a very select group I am incredibly honoured to be part of"

Here in la piña (the pineapple) we have a little bit of everything: crafts, recipes, patterns... We love trying out all sorts of ideas, many of those come from our own needs, so we thought about how to make them happen. We want to share with you all the things we love doing so you can make them yourself and enjoy as much as we do.

Countometer 4000, our counter

In Como Una Piña we are geeks and very proud of it, and when we see an opportunity, ¡we take it!

We love knitting and crocheting, but we certainly don't love counting stitches, let alone lose count! After having downloaded and tried many counters we weren't really happy with any of them, so we tool this opportunity to make our very own counter! Check here the many options it offers and try it out!