make your moAster! enjoy A CUP OF TEA with this movember coaster.

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What you’ll need to make your movember coaster:

  • Thread type sewing thread SY IKEA 100% polyester; Gütermann 100% polyester (black and white)
  • Fabric typefelt (black and white).
  • Scissors / X-acto knife / cutter.
  • Needle / sewing machine.
  • Paper to make the templates.
  • Pen or pencil.
  • Chalk / washable marker.
  • Compass.

Details about the Moaster:

  • Size of the coaster: 13 cm of diameter approximately.
  • Thickness: 3 mm approximately.

How to make your Moaster.

To make this Movember coaster we start by making our templates. To do this, using your compass draw a 9 cm, a 10 cm and a 13 cm diameter circle in a piece of paper. Then, choose a moustache shape you like and do the same to create another template. Cut out the shapes carefully. 

Place the 13 cm diameter template on top of the black piece of felt and use the marker to trace the shape. Repeat this so you have 2 circles with this diameter. Do it once again using the white felt. Then, apply the same technique for the moustache. Cut out the 3 circles and the moustache. One of the black circles is going to be the back of the coaster, the white one is going to be in the inside and the moustache will be on the front. Set these pieces aside while we make the front. 

The front of the coaster is made out of two pieces: an 9 cm inner circle and a thick edge. We are going to cut this inner circle out of the one we have. Place the 9 cm template on the centre of the circle and trace with the chalk. Repeat this with the 10 cm template. We have to cut out the space between the two chalk lines. If you're using scissors get the scissors end through the felt between the two white lines to make a little hole and then follow one of the chalk lines. When you are done, take the other piece and cut following the other chalk line. You should end up with the 9 cm inner circle and a ring that we'll use as the edge. 

Using your sewing machine or by hand, sew the moustache on top of your inner circle. Then sew this inner circle to the centre of the white 13 cm circle. If you've used a regular pen to trace the shapes onto the felt and you can still see pen marks on it, make sure that it's on the side that's not seen.

We have made this coaster for our friend Colin M., so we embroidered a message that made sense to us, you can use any design you want for the edge. It doesn't have to be text! Get creative and customise your moaster the way you like best! Once the edge is ready, place it on top of the white circle and sew it.

At this point the only part left is to sew the back of the coaster. Place your other black 13 cm circle covering the white one and sew both together. We like using the blanket stitch to do this because it not only gives a nicer and round shape but also brings the two black pieces together very well and the thread will cover any white that could be seen between them.

Now, go make yourself a cup of tea. You don't need to drink it, but do let it rest on your moaster!